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The cuff is the most creative part on the gloves. It can be a separate piece that you change out with the outfit or it can be a permanent part of the glove. The length will be determined by the rules of combat at the time you will be using them. There are many examples of beautiful creations. Choose one and recreated it on silk or a similar colored linen to your leather then attach to it. If you do not embroider find one in your group that would be willing to teach you or trade for a skill you have.

I highly recommend that you pad the cuff as well as the palm. Use a layer of the same weight leather for your padding. Cut a piece that is the same shape of your palm to the point where the thumb is attached to the trunk of the glove. Place the piece in the glove while you are wearing it so that you can gauge if you can deal with the feel. Use a running stitch to attach it to the outside of your glove if you want to replace it as time goes by or inside if you do not want it to show. Do the same for the cuff. To use a heavier weight of leather may cause wear and tear faster than using the same weight or a lighter weight. A pair of gloves is a luxury to many in the time periods that we cover in our society, whether it was for work or show. Making gloves has evolved through the centuries. Like all things that last through time stories have been told about them, their significance reached cult status, and finally they have become a scarce item almost forgotten. Try to make your own pair and story and enjoy their use.

That is all for now. I will be teaching this year at as many events as I can get to that will need me.

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