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When I first set out to create this page in June of 1997 I did so knowing that there were no other sites out there like this one. I have since found out that the reason for that was because this is a secret art. It is protected still in Europe by guilds. Free patterns for making gloves were nonexistent on the web. I created this site so that the art of making gloves would not continue to die the death that we are seeing.

I published my booklet on Glove Making in The Compleat Anachronist, Spring 2006, CA0131 Making Elizabethan Gloves. On the search page type in the title and it will pull it up.

Today gloves are manufactured by machines in part or in total. A handful of companies still make them by hand but they are rare and few. Many claim to be hand finished, this is not the same thing as hand made but definitely an improvement to keeping a part of the art alive. The difference will be in the finish of the finger tips. Hand made and hand finished gloves will come to a point on each finger tip. Machine made will not, they will be a square tip.

In this site I hope to give history, patterns, and a place to show off our work. I also hope to begin a new guild within the society called The Society for Creative Anachronism. In this way we will not be in violation of any guild rules that are from the modern world.

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