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Glove Making in America
Churchill Gloves. This is the oldest know company still making gloves in America, it is over a century old.
Makers of Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Gloves.
The Spencer Collection
Society of St Anne
Real Glovers Mailing list
This is a mailing list for those that actually make gloves.
The Worshipful Company of Glovers
Oldest Glove makers in England
Portolano Gloves
Sullivan Gloves
Opera Gloves!!
Oregon Glove Company
Shearling World
Gloves and earmuffs
Tough Gloves.
  Chester Jefferies
England's Finest Gloves
  LaCrasia Gloves
Historically researched
Three Finger Gloves
More Foil Fencing gloves.
Silk Liners for gloves
History of knitted gloves
Click on Search and type in History of knitted gloves for the links.
Sheepskin Mittens.
Kinda Strange,
but it has gloves.
Heavy coarse cotton knit,
off-white, dye great.
Deerskin gloves
Wedding gloves!
Wedding gloves...
Gloves for the more Extreme of sports, very slow site.
Lambskin gloves.
Leather Gloves & Accessories
Gentleman's Gazette
Hand Sewn Leather Gloves
Gloves by Gentleman's Gazette

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