Ed Thomas
A pair of gauntlet moto gloves in cow and goat

The glove, sans cuff, was drawn in Adobe Illustrator complete with hole punching.

The gloves were to be sewn seam-in, but I found them to be too uncomfortable ... so tore the first apart (ouch! all that work) and resewed, seam-out this time, with the white fourchettes.

I haven't yet decided what embellishments will be on the cuff. That will be a winter project after I've finished the winter riding gloves (black shearling with reverse cuff)


The black shearling gloves I mentioned will be replacements for a whipstitched brown pair I made circa 1976. They were made for 'dress wear' and the last 2 years of winter scooting did them in. I have before & after patches pictures. :)

A bit of background: my mother, now in her 80's, was a glover in England (at home piece work) after WW2. She said it was mostly fabric and it would take about 16 hours per pair. Only for the high-born I would guess. I recently learned that my maternal grandmother, a Scotswoman, also made gloves. My sister has a pair of gloves Granny made for her fiance, a cavalryman, who didn't return from WW1. I don't recall that mother or grandmother were guild members.

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