Gloves to be presented to the Kingdom of the East at Gulf War X March 2001.

C. 1590, The thumb is a set in thumb and the fourchettes are the v-shaped ones. I did not v-shape the fingers as the leather thickness was really giving me problems. The cuff is left open at the wrist. I used silk button twist, (, and a medium size leather needle. The leather is velvet suede, pig. I cannot find Kid of the right wieght anywhere!!

I used green silk embroidery floss for the wreath, I couched it directly on the leather. No knots. Each glove took about a week and a half. I hope to get faster but this leather is just sooooo thick!

These will be presented at Gulf Wars to one of the rival kingdoms, not sure which, in the gift basket. If you are going to be there ask to look at them and give me feed back!! :)


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