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What follows here are the new and improved Heraldic Art for the Guilds of Amtgard by Vincent Landcrest. They have been cleaned up and rendered in a manner that is easier for all of us to recreate on our banners, clothing, favors, shields, tabards, you name it, so that we can all proudly and easily display our symbols on anything we choose.

If you want the Original guild heraldry from the early days of Amtgard, you can download this ZIP file of them. Only the archer the barbarian and the druid have been created by me and added to this list trying to use the same style of some of the original artists. I sat and stared at the original works and drew them the use of the computer in a time span of 3 months. I wanted them to look exactly like the originals and at the time did not want to use a scanner. I apologize but I do not know who the original artists are and many of the guilds were missing color descriptions. I have inserted appropriate colors for that class as best I could. Use these for your guilds in Amtgard only. Any other use for profit is prohibited since it was developed by a nonprofit organization for its recreational use. The art on this page will not change out of respect for the original artists. There will be a different page soon with more heraldic type art in place of these. The blazons may change as that was not included in the original art.

Special thanks for the Blazons, courtesy of a wonderful Emerald Hills resident, Finn!

It is up to you and your amtgard chapter to alter these as you wish.
-- Sir Ches --

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